Who are we?


More than 30 years ago we became interested in antique silver and particularly Dutch antique silver produced before 1810. During this period my wife and I visited many auctions and exhibitions so numerous antique Dutch silver objects went through our hands.

To share our enthousiasm for antique Dutch silver and to offer other interested people and collectors the opportunity to buy antique silver from Dutch cities we started this website. The specialization is particularly Dutch silver produced until around 1810 in cities of the Republic of the Seven Provinces.

We have no shop but sell only via this website. However it is recommended to visit us to have a good look at the object you want to buy.

With our knowledge and experience we service you by offering high quality objects. In the object descriptions it is indicated if and if so where imperfections are present.

We wish you a lot of fun when scrolling through our website.

Hans Breet